Tuesday, February 17, 2009

hardware removal

I'd love to write a long post about FUN times in Myrtle Beach - the race and surrounding festivities were a BLAST. A recap of last weekend is coming, I promise.

Unfortunately, I'm still in a Rx induced fog. Yesterday I had surgery to "remove the hardware." Mom took me to the Outpatient Center at 7:00 am. Things took a bit longer than expected for two reasons:

- I had done a 1/2 marathon on Saturday, stood in the rain for hours after the race, stayed up late that night, ridden my bike on Sunday, cut off liquids in prep for surgery....
and what's the first thing the nurse asks for?! A urine sample - yeah right. It took me 30 min.

- I'm not good with needles (ok, that's putting it lightly)... so, it took her some "prodding" to get an IV going. Once it was in - I had some kind of reaction (you med people know what I'm talking about, starts with a V?). Anyway, the room began closing in - hearing went funny - next thing I know, I wake up with wet washcloths all over my face. I hadn't even had surgery yet.

But, eventually I made it under the knife. He went in through the previous cut (phew, I do not need any more scars). Here are a few pictures:
Mom: thank you for being there with me, and holding my hand.
They ask you to mark the "removal site"

YEAH! Procedure DONE.


Amanda said...

We had a blast at Myrtle too, can't wait to see your report. That med is Versed, sorry you had a reaction to it...it is usually a crowd favorite because it makes you so loopy:)

Gotta Run said...

Looking forward to your report!

This is not what you call race recovery right?? I agree... Moms are the greatest!

Pedergraham said...

I hope your recovery goes well, Ashley, and so glad that you had your mom along. I had a strange experience with general anaesthesia for some oral surgery once and am very glad that it was my mom there to hold my hand and see me acting very very strangely.

Carolina John said...

My wife also had a great time in myrtle beach. she ran the full in 5:56. i got the flu and had to back out at the last minute. dang it.

good luck recovering from the surgery. can't wait to see you on the road again!

Sarah said...

hahaha, that made me laugh! well it sounds like prep was the worst part. glad to hear the actual surgery went well ... now onto recovery. enjoy the time off! =)

Sally said...

You're a trooper Ash! Your arm is going to heal better than new. And I've never met a better doctor than Dr. Baumgarten. Love you da'ling.


Damie said...

ash...hope you have a speedy recovery. I have really felt for you lately as I have been in an outpatient ortho clinic working with...you got it...tons of shoulders. I am starting to understand how hard this journey must have been- and I am glad you are near the end! Now come back towards Tennessee and race some this summer!