Sunday, May 27, 2007

Family Tree 1

*When I started this blog, I intended to include a short description of my Dad, Mom, and Sister…. However, once I started writing… the words/stories/descriptions started pouring out! Consequently, this will be a 3 part posting. Look for chapters 2 and 3 in the near future.

To know and understand me, it helps to know a little about my family members. Although the 4 of us are separated by hundreds of miles… we’re a pretty tight unit. Each person possesses unique talents, personality, and interests. However, there are some major common bonds: attraction to warm weather & the beach, an animated laugh (used frequently when we’re together), and a passion for sports/athletics.

Team Captain – Doug Long (aka: Douglas, Douggie, Dad, D!@$-head... Just kidding ;)

Definitely the leader of the pack. Mr. Organized in almost every way (one word says it all… Engineer). In charge of all family paperwork and handiwork. Can fix just about anything, seriously! An amazing father… extremely devoted to his family. (I KNOW putting up with us three girls is not an easy task)

Doug grew up at a pool in Peoria, IL, swam for Mizzou…and is still an awesome swimmer! I think he’s either developed gills… or a serious addiction to chlorine. Nonetheless, over 50 and producing swim times not too far off results posted in college! I mean, come on folks! This year (at the meet HE organized and ran) he swam a:
26.81 – 50 yard free
30.58 – 50 back
and a 1:01.15 – 100 IM! Wowza.

He’s also fallen in love with golf. True to typical Doug form, he waited until Sarah and I were off leading our own lives, before taking up this time consuming habit. But, now it seems he just can’t get enough. From what I can gather, it gets him outside (and out of the house), he’s with friends, it’s a challenge, and you can usually follow a round with beer… well, same with a swim workout, come to think of it.

Now for the good stuff… he is a routine freak (again, maybe result of the Engineer mindset)! My parent’s house is stocked with boxes upon boxes of shredded wheat and gallons of grapefruit juice. EVERY morning, like clockwork the man eats his breakfast. Not just pour the cereal into a bowl and eat… no, no… he has a mixture! Into a baggie he combines some plain shredded wheat squares with some sugar coated squares. When asked why… he told me, quite simply the plain ones are too bland... but, eating only the sugar squares is too sweet. The morning cereal is a brief example of Doug’s ultra-routine run existence. But, Dad… we love you for it! You are our ROCK.

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Dad said...

I can't believe this guy. It made me cry. Can't wait to see what is in store for Sarah and Mom. Love reading about what you are doing and how things are going.

Love you Dad